Friday, February 15, 2013

Memory Forensics Talk at RSA!

On Wednesday of RSA I will be giving a talk titled:

"Memory Forensics: Defeating Disk Encryption, Skilled Attackers and Malware"

 This talk will focus on three key points:

1) Showcasing the power and usefulness of memory forensics
2) Distinguishing memory forensics from disk forensics
3) Highlighting why live forensics should not be used and instead analysts should switch to using offline memory forensics

Throughout the talk there will be many examples of powerful rootkits, techniques of advanced attackers, and looking at Android and software-based disk encryption.

If you are interested in the talk and plan on attending, please add it to your conference calendar:

If you have any questions about the talk or or want to meet up at RSA then please contact me or ping me on Twitter (@attrc).