Monday, July 18, 2016

Memory Forensics Across the Enterprise - *Beta*

I would like to let you know about a *Beta* course opportunity that I’m hosting this summer. The Beta course, Memory Forensics Across the Enterprise - Beta, is offered at a discounted rate exclusively to those who have completed our first course, Windows Malware and Memory Forensics. This course will test some new material focused on performing IR across multiple machines involving different operating systems; and how to maximize efficiency of analysis on a large scale.

I realize that this is rather short notice for this announcement and that this is new un-evaluated content. I am therefore lowering the training price to help offset the overall cost. I hope that you will be able to take advantage of this unique offering and that you will provide valuable feedback regarding its execution.

Ultimately, the target audience for this Beta content would be junior and beginning analysts. The material is designed to get them up to speed in the world of memory forensics and performing IR on a large scale.

*NOTE*: This course is being offered as a “Beta Pop-up course”. As a “Pop-up” course, it is only being offered for a limited time.  The course and its material may not be offered again in the future. As a “Beta” course, it will be used to trial new material and it is being offered at a discounted rate in exchange for feedback

If you are a Volatility Memory Forensics alumni and are interested in taking this course, I am offering it next month in NYC. See our website for details:!beta-memory-forensics-course/kgwzu