Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Perfect Combination of IR, Malware, Forensics, and Winternals

Our Windows Malware and Memory Forensics training course has been described as the "...perfect combination of incident response, malware analysis, memory forensics, and Windows internals." As you can see below, we do in fact disseminate quite a bit of information. If you're used to instructors dropping knowledge bombs, we parade you with missiles. Not literally of course, you will leave with in one piece - we promise.

The next opportunity to join us in the journey to the center of memory forensics is September 9-13th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and then November 11-14th in Reston Virginia. Email us at voltraining [[ @ ]] for a full course outline or a registration invite to either of our upcoming events. We have no doubt you'll enjoy the course as much as our students did last week:
"Excellent memory forensics training. Definitely would recommend it to anyone in DFIR or malware analysis" - Q.M. (McAfee) 
"Realistic labs and the one-on-one instruction make the entire class worth it. Everything else is icing" - Anonymous  
"One of the best technical classes I've taken in 10 years" - Rich M. (HP) 
"Best memory forensics class and tool in the business" - Brian R. (Harris) 
"This course was invaluable for the hands-on experience dissecting real-world malware from memory dumps. Terrific, would absolutely recommend it to anyone in the security field" - Marco C. 
"Huge props to the entire Volatility team for the amazing DFIR work they do and excellent training" - Kyle O. (GE) 
"The Volatility Team crammed a years worth of answers into one week - they are fantastic" - Tim R. (Intersections)  
"Best forensic and winternal training I've ever experienced. Raises the bar really high" - Lance B. 
"Super technical and awesome" - Sarah E. (Harris) 
"In the past I've avoided forensics because it seemed tedious and slightly boring...this class has completely changed my perspective" - Chris T. (Booz Allen) 
"I was amazed at the amount of artifacts that could be obtained from memory dumps through the use of the Volatility Framework" - Scott H.  
"This is as valuable an education as any of you have had in your career" - Ash K. (Intersections) 
"The best technical course I've ever attended. Many practical labs, technical info...simply love it" - Salah. A. (KACST) 
"The lab exercises were fantastic; technically challenging and true to life. I really enjoyed the class" - Christopher G.  
"Great, great course. Most malware classes out there walk through analysis of some IRC bot from the 90's and call it good. This was an excellent trip into modern, highly sophisticated malware and gave real methodologies to quickly analyze them" - Brian H. (Harris)  
"This was the most relevant hands-on DFIR training I've ever had. The topics covered in class are a must for anyone tasked with enterprise security" - William P. (GE) 
"Spending a week learning from the Volatility creators is worth every penny. The course is well designed and presented and will help me in my role at work immediately" - Akira M.  
"Mind blowing crash course in Windows internals, malware research, and Volatility packed in just five days" - Marc R.  
"Tons of well presented information on Windows internals and how they relate to memory forensics. Lots of hands-on" - Ron H. (Dell Secureworks) 
"Everything you ever wanted to know about Windows memory forensics and beyond. A must take for any incident responder" - Mark P. (NIH) 
"This is an amazing course that will not only provide the skills and knowledge you need to run Volatility, but also give you a much deeper insight into Windows memory internals" - Dave L.  
"This is much more than a class on how to use a tool. By far the best training I've attended in several years. Instructors are top notch. Excellent class for even the most experienced of analysts" - Adam W.  
"Definitely the most advanced forensics course that one can imagine. I believe that it attempts the impossible - of actually giving a complete overview and state-of-the-art knowledge about memory forensics" - Greg I. (E & Y) 
"Best DFIR course there is" - John P. 


  1. Hi, Is it possible for me to buy the course material or course video ?

  2. It would be nice if there was some kind of online, comprehensive Volatility trainging based on this course offering. Obviously, travel is impossible for some of us who are out of country.