Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Volatility Memory Forensics and Malware Analysis Training in Australia!

We are happy to announce that our popular Memory Forensics and Malware Analysis Training course is going to be held in Canberra, Australia in August. This is our first offering in Australia, and we are already extremely excited to have a great training session full of inquisitive and enthusiastic students.

This is the only memory forensics course officially designed, sponsored, and taught by the Volatility developers. One of the main reasons we made Volatility open-source is to encourage and facilitate a deeper understanding of how memory analysis works, where the evidence originates, and how to interpret the data collected by the framework's extensive set of plugins. Now you can learn about these benefits first hand from the researchers and developers of the most powerful, flexible, and innovative memory forensics tool.

August 25th through 29th
Class runs from 9AM to 5PM

Canberra, AU

Michael Ligh (@iMHLv2), Andrew Case (@attrc), and Jamie Levy (@gleeda)
Information on each instructor can be found here.

Registration Process
To request a link to the online registration site or to receive a detailed course agenda/outline, please send an email voltraining [[ at ]] or contact us through our web form.

Past Reviews
Many past reviews of the course can be found on our website here as well as a previous blog post here. We also have some additional feedback from our course in Europe last week:
"Labs are amazingly close to real incidents" - Security Engineer 
"Full overview of Volatility. Extremely useful. Required for anyone wanting to do memory forensics effectively." - CERT operator
"Years of experience by 3 world class experts on memory analysis" - Senior Security Analyst
"Very inspiring training, which is a must for any individual taking cyber incident analysis and handling serious." - Incident Handling Manager
"The perfect balance between what you need to know about Windows internals, malware and forensics." - Security Officer 
"Before the course it was like being in a dark room, then Volatility guys opened windows. Solid base of theory and thorough explanations of options and approaches. Recommended for everyone"
"I work with reverse engineering malware and this course has helped me to simplify the process" - Malware analyst
"This course is extremely valuable to all forensic investigators and malware researchers" - Forensic Investigator and Incident Handler 
"High tech knowledge on Windows memory analysis that is very relevant to real-life situations" - Head of CSIRT 
"It gives such deep knowledge in this special field, as I have never thought before" - Security Analyst

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