Friday, April 8, 2016

Airbnb Donates $999 to the 2016 Volatility Plugin Contest!

Thank you to Airbnb for donating $999 to the 2016 Volatility Plugin Contest and their continued support for open source memory forensics development.

When we announced the contest a couple days ago, the cash prizes for the top three contest winners were $1500, $500, and $250. In light of Airbnb's donation, we decided to augment the values for the top three and extend the cash prizes for the 4th and 5th place contributors, resulting in not only higher rewards but more cash winners.

1st: $1800 or a free seat at Windows Malware and Memory Forensics
2nd: $800
3rd: $450
4th: $100
5th: $100

Participants who place will still receive the designated shwag (t-shirts, stickers, sync stops, books, etc). Thanks again to Airbnb for their generous donation and support!

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