Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Malware and Memory Forensics Training Goes Virtual!

We are very excited to announce that our popular Malware and Memory Forensics with Volatility training is now available in a self-paced, online format!

Brought to you by members of the Volatility Team, this course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from the people behind the research and development of Volatility, and it offers you a chance to support our ongoing efforts.

The Course

Our course provides a deep examination of Windows internals, malware operations, attacker toolkits, DFIR workflows, and how memory forensics can be leveraged throughout all of your investigations. The end result of the lectures on these topics is a complete understanding of how memory analysis tools operate, along with the traces left behind by malicious actors and applications. You will gain knowledge that applies to all memory analysis investigations and frameworks, both now and in the future.

The Labs

You will get significant hands-on experience using Volatility against Windows, Linux, and MacOS samples during the training labs. These labs are mirrored directly to match our real-world investigations (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and they are constantly updated as new threats emerge. After each lab, there is a pre-recorded walkthrough that shows you the precise steps taken to solve the lab as well as explains the rationale behind the workflow used. A written version of the walkthrough is also provided in the Lab Guide.

The Content

Signing up for the course provides you with 4 months of access to all material, including the pre-recorded lectures, demos, and lab walkthroughs. You will also be given a trial version of Surge Collect Pro, which provides reliable and secure memory acquisition across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. For support, we have a dedicated channel on our Slack server and periodic office hours via Zoom; students can directly ask us questions about any portion of the course, with optional screen sharing. After the course ends, you may retain access to the written materials (Art of Memory Forensics, course slides, lab guide) and the course virtual machine. You are also welcome to stay in the student-only Slack channel and join our alumni-only mailing list.

For those wondering about Volatility 2 vs Volatility 3, our course currently uses Volatility 2 for demos and labs as it is the stable and fully featured version of The Volatility Framework. As mentioned previously, the skills learned in this course are transferable to any memory analysis framework – even those not based on Volatility. We plan to add training modules specific to Volatility 3 slowly over time as it stabilizes and further approaches feature- and plugin-parity with Volatility 2. In general, if you know how to use Volatility 2, then using Volatility 3 will be very simple in the future. As students of this course, you will be the first to gain access to Volatility 3 training material as it is released.

Sign Up!

You can request access to the course here. We provide discounts for military, law enforcement, and groups of students from the same organization. We also provide significant discounts to course alumni who wish to take the course again, as well as to full-time college students studying in a related field. Please inquire about these discounts if you meet the requirements. We can also accommodate private sessions for large group trainings.

We would like to thank the memory forensics community for their years of continued support. We are excited that our course is now available 24/7/365 for students around the world!

- The Volatility Team

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