Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The 9th Annual Volatility Plugin Contest!

The 9th annual 2021 Volatility Plugin Contest is now open! We will be accepting submissions until December 31, 2021.

Volatility Plugin Contest

As in previous years, the 2021 Volatility Plugin Contest encourages research and development in the field of memory analysis. Your submissions provide an opportunity to get industry-wide visibility for your work, put groundbreaking capabilities immediately into the hands of investigators, and contribute back to the open source forensics community. By building on top of Volatility 3, your contributions also help lay the foundation for the next generation of memory forensics! 

And while getting visibility for your work and contributing to this important open-source project are great reasons to participate, there's also this: Winners will receive over 6000 USD in cash prizes! 

For more information: 2021 Volatility Plugin Contest 

And if you are looking for inspiration, check out the 2020 contest results.


We would like to thank Volexity and our other sustaining donors for their continued support.