Thursday, July 31, 2014

Announcing Windows Malware and Memory Forensics in Austin, San Francisco, and Brazil!

Along with the release of The Art of Memory Forensics, we are very happy to announce that we now have the following new Malware and Memory Forensics trainings scheduled:
This is the only memory forensics course officially designed, sponsored, and taught by the Volatility developers. One of the main reasons we made Volatility open-source is to encourage and facilitate a deeper understanding of how memory analysis works, where the evidence originates, and how to interpret the data collected by the framework's extensive set of plugins. Now you can learn about these benefits first hand from the researchers and developers of the most powerful, flexible, and innovative memory forensics tool.

Michael Ligh (@iMHLv2), Andrew Case (@attrc), and Jamie Levy (@gleeda)
Information on each instructor can be found here.

Registration Process
To request a link to the online registration site or to receive a detailed course agenda/outline, please send an email voltraining [[ at ]] or contact us through our web form.

Past Reviews
Many past reviews of the course can be found on our website here as well as a previous blog post here. We also have some additional feedback from our recent courses:

"Wonderful and mind blowing course" - Lakshmi R., Incident Response 

"that was the best training week that I have spent in my entire career" - Sean M. 

"As relevant (if not more) than any disk based forensics course. Should be required for incident responders / digital forensics investigators" - Christian R., Senior Member of Technical Staff

"A top-notch and highly skilled team presents students with more vaulable information and insight than any other source of info - effectively using the premier memory analysis tool" - Matthew G. 

"This was the most in-depth forensic course I've ever taken. The instructors are top notch and really know the material and concepts behind it. If you're serious about protecting your network, you need to take this course." - Ryan G.

"This is the best forensics training I have ever participated in. You don't just learn what commands to blindly punch in; you gain deep insight into Windows internals, understand how malware can subvert the OS, and how to detect these abuses. Also tons of stuff I can bring home to continue training and apply to my work." - Christian B.

"I've done my share of courses; yours has it all: "wow" factor in class, great expectations, great labs." - Jorge C., IT Security Expert

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