Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Art of Memory Forensics Picture Contest Winners!

If we were running a book picture contest, these would be the winners. Keep in mind, we actually do have a contest brewing where you can win large cash prizes and/or free training, Volatility swag, etc.

The following "retro cover" was submitted by Didier Stevens (@DidierStevens).

The following "I'm too sexy for my book" was submitted by Jonathan Zdziarski (@JZdziarski).

The following "white sangria and object headers" was submitted by Erika Noerenberg (@gutterchurl).

The following was submitted from The Disassembler (@Disassembler).

The following "don't leave home without it on ALL your devices" was submitted by Dennis York (@LDRydr). 

The following "third eye wide open" was submitted by Golden G. Richard (@nolaforensix).

The following "back from defcon" was submitted by Mariano Graziano (@emd3l). 

The following was submitted by Bob Dobalina (@northTtown) - not sure what this is, but it looks interesting. 

The following "part of the cannon" was submitted by Troy Larson. 

The following was submitted by Brian Moran (@brianjmoran).

The following "twins, almost" was submitted by by Andy Magnusson.

The following "Volatility, on the job" was submitted by Ken Pryor (@KDPryor). I thought I'd only see AMF in an officer's car if I got arrested while holding it!

The following "Vanity, thy name is @moyix" was submitted by Brendan Dolan-Gavitt (@moyix).

The following was submitted by Frankie Li (@Espionageware).

The following was submitted by Andrew Case (@attrc).

We'd love to see other readers in action with the book! Tweet them to @volatility to enter the contest (be aware, there are no prizes, except smiles).

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